My Sunshine

I keep writing down the little things E says but R is no less active or vocal, it just doesn’t translate too well into little quotes so I thought I’d list some of the cute things he’s doing these days:

  • He gives what I call “mynock kisses” – if you’ve seen Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back there are these creatures that suck onto power sources and they have big round mouths that kind of plunger onto things.  They’re strange and creepy but R’s kisses are so cute, he opens his mouth and just plants it on your cheek for a second and then pops off looking proud of himself.  Sometimes I ask for a kiss and he won’t do it, it has to be on his own terms.
  • He does this little quick scoot while sitting so that he can get where he wants to go.  Usually he’s pretty secure but if he gets really excited he’ll fall over so I have to be better about strategically placing pillows.
  • He loves, loves, loves water.  When I water plants he puts his hand in the stream of water and tries to splash himself.  He bounces in my lap until I let him take a bath when E takes her nightly bath (I don’t give him a bath every night but I may start doing it now that he can go in the same tub as E, though I have to really hold him because he does his scooting thing in there and would just slide backwards without support).
  • He holds his head to the side to be silly and grabs my glasses all the time, he’s doing both while on my hip as I type this.
  • His favorite thing to eat are cold peeled apples (supervised, of course), he just noshes on them until he’s covered with apple pieces so I’ve started calling him “applesauce.”
  • Other things I call him: Merlinpeen (from a 30 Rock episode), Merlinbean, Stinklebean, Smiley bean, happy bean, etc. etc. on the “bean” theme.
  • He loves to feed himself little pieces of things, I don’t know if I will be able to convince him to nurse beyond one year, he really prefers food.
  • My favorite spot to give him kisses is on the bridge of his nose so that I am perpendicular to him.  He closes his eyes for a split second as if he is content and it is just the tiniest, softest spot.  He doesn’t sit still or stay quiet too much so these are some of my favorite moments.
  • Speaking of favorite moments, just the way his eyes light up when he is happy is wonderful.  Also, I love how he shrieks with delight when his daddy tosses him in the air (admittedly difficult because he is so big and is already wearing 24 month, 2T, and 3T clothing).
  • His sister adores him and he simply adores her as well.  We’re so lucky!
Friday we take him to the allergist, I will write about how it goes because I can’t find really good resources about siblings of food allergic kids so I want to know what the allergist’s take is.  He was the first guy not to balk at E’s oat allergy so he really stays up to date on things, maybe he’ll tell me I’m silly to want a prick test before exposing R to nuts, etc. but everything I’ve read says siblings of nut allergic kids need testing.
I took the picture above of one of the plants out front with some messed up camera settings (it is overexposed) but I love how you can almost feel the heat of the impending summer in the brightness so this is just straight out of the camera with no editing.  R and E are both my summer babies and I look forward to my little sunshine’s first summer.  E walked on her first birthday so we have crawling and walking and pulling up on things to look forward to very soon.  We’re going to have fun, little guy!

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  1. That was tender!

    Who is your allergist? My friend just found out about a dairy allergy with her 18 month old and she doesn’t really know what to do.


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