Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Bank of America has a program called “Museums on Us” and you get to see local museums free on the first weekend of each month!  We’ve been taking advantage of this for over a year.  You just have to have your name on the card and show I.D., they don’t swipe anything, they just check the name.  It can be a credit or debit card, even.  On April 3rd we went with my older sister to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.  The last time we took E was before R was born and she was way more into the exhibits than last time.  It is neat to see her progression.

It is a low-key place, never too crowded first thing in the morning, and there is enough to look at for an outing but nothing too involved for little ones.  They have a kid area with fossil uncovering and a “Finding Nemo” fishtank as well as rays and sharks (even shark eggs!).  Currently their Egypt exhibit is up and they have a table with blocks you can use to make pyramids.  My favorite areas are the Nevada specific ones, it is great to learn more about the area in which we live.

I forgot the camera this time around but their website (linked above) has plenty of details.  I think my sister paid $10 to get in and kids are free up until age 3 and then it is $5.  My husband, E, R, and I got in for free.  There is a walkway between this museum and the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum which is nice.

After the museum we stopped at the little park right next to the parking (which is now covered in solar panels, by the way) and it is covered and easy for toddlers/pre-schoolers to use.  If it weren’t downtown we’d just go to the park I’d think.  Maybe when it trends cooler we can meet my husband for a picnic.

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    1. I think she’d like wandering and asking “what’s that?” 🙂 The Egypt area has a pretend market stall she might like as well.


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