Desert National Wildlife Refuge

On April second we ventured out to the Desert National Wildlife Refuge.  I posted a link to our video of driving on the roads out there here, and we ended up submitting the above picture of a Desert Paintbrush to our favorite wildflower report site (great to check out if you’re wondering where to adventure on a weekend since you’ll know where to look for wildflowers!)

This was a good activity, we timed it so that R would nap the drive there and he even napped on the most bumpy roads.  On the way back he and E were using their voices to let the road make them sound like their voices were rattling and it was adorable.  Seriously one of my favorite family memories.  That is the thing, isn’t it?  You never know what will make you smile but you should definitely let them get out into the world.

We wandered, we ate a mini picnic in the back of the car, and we headed home.  R is 8 months old and E was a little over 2 and a half and I think both ages are good for these sorts of things with careful planning.  Bring all your gear and then some just in case you get stuck somewhere for a bit (not too likely but with the desert you always bring lots of water, etc.).  No real cellphone reception for us on T-Mobile (we switch soon, yay!) by the way.

There is so much beauty around Las Vegas that you need to check it out to avoid feeling “blah” about living here.  Also, just to be in that stillness and quiet is great.  You forget that city noises are background noise most of the time!  The weather was great, the cloud cover kept it from getting too warm, April is the month to get out and explore these sorts of areas.

I am not sure what other details to provide, there were Joshua Trees and Yuccas out there and really awesome rocks.  You’re allowed to take rocks if you are the sort that collects them as long as you don’t use tools like a shovel or a metal detector to seek them out.  There were some beautiful sandstone rocks that E really took to, her Ma L (Grandma L) loves to collect rocks too.

Maybe next year we will camp out there.

2 thoughts on “Desert National Wildlife Refuge

  1. Rock Collecting is not allowed at all. A ranger stopped me out there, and said its against the law to pick up any rocks in the wildlife refuge.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Dave! When this post was written there was nothing on the books that I could find that addressed this – if it has changed in the meantime, I’m not aware. Hope that helps.


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