Driving With the Outback

My husband uploaded this video to YouTube that we took yesterday, here’s his description:

Some cuts from our drive inside the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, about 20 miles North of Las Vegas, NV (after Mt Charleston exit but before Lee Canyon exit; the NWR is marked on the right). This is westbound on Mormon Wells Road. The entire road stretches 47 miles from Corn Creek near 95 NB to the 93/I-15 NB. We went about 12 miles in, had lunch, and drove back out.

Driving 2010 Subaru Outback 3.6R, which had ground clearance to spare. This is actually my first public upload. I am uploading to give people an idea of what the road and area look like. Very beautiful plants, animals, and rocks. Worth a morning, and camping when the kids are older.

We really did have a lovely time, you can hear the kids both making sounds so that their voices rattled with the shaking of the road, it made me smile.  Oh, and I was driving the way back, my husband drove the way there.  I fishtailed a little on one turn, it was fun!  Will get some of our scenery photos up soon but thought to share this video since it was up so quickly.

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    1. If you are ever in the market for another one, ours holds the four of us well. I recall older models having limited rear legroom but it is better now.


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