The picture above is of E holding her first two strawberries from the garden (blurry feet in the background on the floor are R’s), she calls them “strawbabies” just like I remember my little sister saying when we were kids.  They were a little worse for wear where they touched the ground so I washed them and cut away the inedible parts.  A few slivers were left so we tasted them together.  “Lummy!” E declared (her Ls and Ys are kind of interchangeable, she says “lowie” instead of “yellow” for example).   She also saved a little for grandma which is just the way she is when she isn’t in the throes of being a two and a half year old.

The funny story came a few days ago when E picked another strawberry that had ripened.  She cradled it in her hand and chanted “strawbaby” until suddenly I didn’t hear her voice anymore.  I was talking with my husband about the tomatoes and I looked up to see she’d vanished.  This is a recent development, my husband referred to it as her world getting bigger and I think it is a good way to see it but she’s started roaming the property on her own a lot more of late.  Hooray for greater confidence on her part but it means some adjustment on mine.  My husband ran inside and reported that he found her on a chair by the counter trying to cut her strawberry on the cutting board with her little toddler knife.  That was fast, first of all, and second of all, I’m so glad she didn’t go for the real knives!

I am so pleased with how she understands the garden this year versus last, I can’t wait to eat cherry tomatoes off the vine with her this summer.

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