Tomato Onion Salad Recipe

First: Happy Nowruz!  I was going to do some portion of a haft seen this year but I think E is still a little young for a gold fish and I forgot to sprout my lentils in time.

This recipe is something my Aunt made when she visited us so we always called it Auntie S’s salad but when I started dating my husband I gradually started to call it “Tomato Onion Salad” and that has stuck.  It is fairly removed from, but along the same lines as, Salad Shirazi (which I adore but my husband isn’t a cucumber fan so I stick to this version, the link goes to one of my favorite cooking blogs, My Persian Kitchen).

I posted photos of this one here, and I usually serve it with just about everything but especially rice dishes like Lima Bean Rice.  I love the flavor of lemon and this has a very assertive lemony and salty flavor.  For smaller portions depending on the tomatoes and onions you have on hand, just adjust your proportions.  As long as the olive oil and lemon juice start equally you can get it to your suited taste with ease.

Another note, if you use fresh lemon juice the flavor seems to meld better but I do like the assertive lemon taste of bottled lemon juice as well.



Cutting Board



3 beefsteak or 6 roma tomatoes

1/2 medium onion

2 teaspoons salt (and to taste)

1/2 teaspoon pepper (and to taste)

3 tablespoons lemon juice

3 tablespoons olive oil (I like first cold pressed)


Dice the onion finely and put it in the bowl, then do the same with the tomatoes.  Add salt and pepper.  Mix, then add lemon juice and olive oil.  Mix again and taste.  If there is too much lemon for you, add olive oil.  Not enough?  Add lemon juice.  Salt will also tame the lemon taste as well.  I like a lot of it.  Remember that the salt will get some of the water out of the tomatoes and you’ll get more liquid as the salad sits.  This is fine to make ahead but don’t be worried if it looks like a lot of liquid in the bowl when you retrieve it from the fridge.  I drizzle extra olive oil/lemon mixture on my rice when I put the salad on the plate and my siblings and I have been known to drink the last of it from the bowl.

(I posted this to the 4/1/11 Allergy Friendly Friday on Cybele Pascal’s site because the call was for spring recipes and I posted this for Nowruz, there are already some great recipes up there, take a look!)