Globemallow in Bloom

When we went out to the desert last spring to look at wildflowers we fell in love with the native globemallow.  It had gorgeous orange blooms and sage green leaves.  We knew we wanted to plant them in our yard so we got one  and it flourished in the harsh sun we get in the front yard.  Now it has bloomed and is really lovely, except the flowers are pink!  They open a lot more in the sun so this morning they are partially closed and “sleeping” as E likes to call it.

Since the fourth wedding anniversary gift traditionally involves flowers (according to a quick google search, I know these things are kind of silly and arbitrary but they can be fun sometimes) today is  good day to share the pictures from our globemallow.  We’ll be putting many more in the yard in the future I think.

Happy 4th Anniversary to my amazing husband.  I love you!