All Your Foods Are Belong to Us

With E’s food allergies she never was interested in eating, not for lack of trying on our part.  I’d see other babies eating and wonder what was wrong, of course later we realized that she was just trying to protect herself from how food made her feel.  Once I changed my diet after her complete allergy diagnosis she began eating food at 15 months or so.

R, on the other hand, is obsessed with food at 7 months and flaps his arms when he sees a plate or a spoon.  It is amazing and it is like doing this the first time even though he is our second baby.

So yesterday was the first time R made E cry.  It is actually a cute story in that we were having a little picnic of sorts in the living room and I told her to take her plate and eat her lunch as I was trying to throw dinner together (split pea soup) before her nap time.  I couldn’t see them but everything was fine until E started crying out, “No!”  I thought she’d spilled her food or fallen down or something and I round the corner to see R holding E’s plate and licking bean dip (white kidney beans, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and spices whirled around in the food processor) off of her plate.  The rest of her lunch was in a pile on the floor.

From what I gathered, he had managed to scoot towards her on his bottom and wrench her plate from her.  She was beside herself but I thought it was a pretty cute scene.

I love seeing them interact, she has figured out the fastest way to make him laugh is to nibble his toes.  She always asks him “How doing?” and you can just see that they think the world of each other.  It has been a difficult 7 months with sickness, colic, and reflux but I feel like we are coming out of the fog bit by bit and the sun is just lovely.