Girls Love Lego Too

We subscribe to the free Lego Club Jr. magazine (the one for under 6, a link to the US subscription page is here). E loves getting mail in her name, there are bright pictures and also photos of other kids in each issue. We leave it in the bathroom usually (I try not to have her storybooks going in and out but magazines tend to stay put). I guess it is really just a glorified catalog but I love lego (I have a ton!) in that it showcases the different lego play themes but it never advocates particular sets or the like. Oh, and issues are sent every two months so it isn’t an overload. I have been happy with it but I’m a nerd.

So we’re reading the latest issue and E looks at the page where kids pose with their lego creations. Right now when she counts and she means “many” she says “one, two, pee, fie” (1, 2, 3, 5) and she is interested in defining people as either boys or girls. She searched the faces on the page and said there were “one, two, pee, fie boy!” I suggested she build something and I would send the picture in and reminded her that lots of girls build with lego. I am thinking she was just stating the obvious about the page and I was the one who read more into it with my assurances but it stuck with me and I keep mulling it over.

2 thoughts on “Girls Love Lego Too

  1. Cool. Signed up for a copy. Mason gets the Thomas the Train magazine, not free, very expensive, but he loves them! Now there will be one more in the mail.


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