Vanilla Allergen Free Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting Photos

I turn 28 today (on the 28th! that has always excited me for some reason) so E and I made these cupcakes out of the Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link) by Cybele Pascal (pages 92-93).  My sister-in-law actually gave me this book for my birthday last year after I kept renewing it at the library.  We discovered all of E’s allergies in early January of last year so this book was a life saver.  Cybele Pascal has an awesome website, and interacts with fans on facebook and twitter.  She’s even answered a question I posted to her blog and done a recipe based on a challenge I submitted!  She’s just so kind and has done wonderful things for the food allergy community.  I have to go back and count how many of her recipes I have made and do a proper review post for her book because it is just that good.  Her chocolate cupcakes are divine but I haven’t had chocolate in months because I don’t eat it while nursing (darn traces of caffeine, they make me always double guess whether what I’ve eaten has caused R to be fussy).

I finally opened my decorating tips and bags I got ages ago and we are going to try decorating these, Eleanor can’t wait for them to cool so in the meantime, here are some in progress photos!  (I won’t be posting a recipe of course since it is not mine to share.)

Updated: I started to try to make swirls but my decorating skills need work and I stepped away and let E play awhile to find that she’d used the other decorating tips as decorations.  She also took a nibble out of one of them.  So cute!

8 thoughts on “Vanilla Allergen Free Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting Photos

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I would have thought the coordination necessary made this a “down the road” activity but she really took to it. She also ate a lot of it. 🙂 I think I will use my next craft store coupon to get wider decorating tips so we’ll be ready to do it as an activity with you two, what a fun idea!


  1. Oh, and I didn’t eat chocolate from when Amelia was about 1 month until almost her first birthday. Amelia had some breakout skin problems that I tied to me eating chocolate…when I reintroduced it, she didn’t have any more problems. That year was really hard though, especially living with Billy the chocolate addict.


    1. I keep thinking to write about foods and nursing, I hear from moms that things they ate did affect their child but all doctors and allergists just dismiss that anything but biggies like milk or nuts make it through. The weirdest thing is baking with chocolate and then not tasting anything, even splashed cupcake batter. 🙂


      1. I don’t really have any iron-clad evidence that chocolate was the culprit. As a skeptic, I freely admit that it might not really have been the problem. But there was a temporal association between chocolate and the skin issue, and there were no more problems when I stopped eating it. But that could have just been a coincidence. In any case, the chocolate I eat is usually in some sugar-laden dessert. So it was good for me in the long run. 🙂


      2. True, true, I wouldn’t want to mischaracterize coincidence as causation. I can’t say with certainty particular foods did cause a reaction, however, I think eliminating possible culprits is a valid approach that most literature views as a last resort. Then again, it can lessen mommy guilt to assure moms there is nothing they’re doing “wrong.”

        As for sugar laden treats, I have a very sweet tooth! I am trying to be a good example and not put sugar on my fruit…except for grapefruit. And maybe my strawberries this morning. 🙂


      3. Too bad about the chocolate thing, but then E and I get to lick the bowl and beaters 🙂 Yum splashed cupcake batter!


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