Book Reviews: “Are You A. . .”

We recently checked out “Are You A Horse?” and “Are You A Grasshopper?” from our local library (by the way, online requests are what has allowed me to continue reading after having kids – no need to look around the shelves, you pick what you want and they let you know when it is available to pick up!).  We were trying to find books that would awaken E’s inner scientist.  The “Are You A. . .” backyard book series mostly is not available for request (except the Grasshopper book) because they’re all at the Springs Preserve‘s library.  The Horse book was found while looking for the Grasshopper book and ones like it.  Both are worth checking out at your library!

Are You A Horse? (amazon affiliate link) by Andy Rash

E loved this one from the very first read.  It requires some suspension of disbelief as a cowboy, upon receiving a saddle for his birthday, seeks a horse without knowing what one is.  He approaches different things like a cactus, a snake, or a lion, on his quest.  Each thing or animal he asks gives him another clue (like, “a horse is very fast”) to help him find a horse.  He almost despairs and then finally finds a horse.  Sounds simple, but there’s an adorable twist at the very final page.   We’ll be renewing this one.

Are You A Grasshopper? (amazon affiliate link) by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries

This is written in a question and answer style format and directed at the reader so that it explains how a grasshopper is very different from a human.  The illustrations are nicely done and it has a serious tone but I think it will keep the interest of a child interested in insects.  E wasn’t as enthusiastic about this book but she listened all the way through and followed along well.  It might be one to revisit when she’s a little older but, having checked out some really dry children’s books in our search, this one is able to convey a lot of information without being too boring.