In Which I Have a Place to Post My “Life List”

I have had this saved in my drafts for ages, adding to it from time to time. A blog I read, Mighty Girl, features this concept though it is by no means proprietary. I like the idea of thinking of things I hope to do but the “Life List” framework tries to encourage actually doing them.

Here is what I have written thus far, some seem silly but I am resisting editing in order to seem different than I am.

“Life List”

See the fall leaves back east

See the cherry blossoms in DC

See the Supreme Court

Take my family to Alaska where I graduated high school

Visit Prince Edward Island

See Paris

Show the kids Bagby hot springs in OR

Sleep under the stars with my husband

Paint real art for our home

Make a quilt (working on it!)

Write annual birthday letters to the kids (already working on it)

See the pyramids

Wear a Diane von Furstenberg dress

Go to Hawaii

See Wicked live (done!)

Grow an orchard of fruit trees

Design a font

Put wainscoating somewhere in my home

Have a proper library

Wear red shoes

(post updated 5/20/13)

12 thoughts on “In Which I Have a Place to Post My “Life List”

  1. And regarding the last line before the list starts. Me too! I spent so long deleting then re-adding, then deleting, then re-adding depending on what I thought people would think when they read it. Then finally, I realized, dammit, this is MY list!

    Also, I saw a t-shirt that said, “I am trying to be more like my on-line persona”
    I thought that was great because everyone is just a little censored and different on-lime. I try to keep it real, but i probably am silent on some things that probably does make me seem different than I really am.


    1. It is tricky, I agree. Like with leaving clothes related items on there. Or having ones about family. With the former, I don’t want to seem shallow (I just wish I could develop a personal style) and with the latter, I want to have my own identity (but wanting to see places I love through their eyes would be so cool). There are professional implications in the public sphere but I do really try to be authentic even when I self censor a little.


    1. Elizabeth, it is fun to ponder! I have had my list gradually growing for a couple years. Now I need to cross things off! I’m sure you have places you’d love to see. We are excited to travel further and further as the kids tolerate more. I read experiences contribute to happiness more than “stuff” and it is very true. I’d love to read your list if you write one, Janelle has posted one and a few of hers inspired me to add to mine.


      1. I believe everyone has a list going in their head all the time. The purpose behind writing it down and sharing is that more of the things will actually happen for you. For instance, I am now thinking we should try a quilting class together or at least a trip to the fabric store. I also want to make a quilt (out of the boy’s pjs).


      2. Very good point, that sounds great! I remember reading on Mighty Girl about how people were able to help one another with their lists. So far I have a sewing machine and a rotary cutter and mat for quilting. I also checked out a book from the library called “Dare to be square” because it had a neat looking robot quilt but I only was able to flip through.


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