In Which I Try Blogging Again

I enjoy so many blogs that when I’ve written down recipes for friends I’ve thought “maybe I should share these online.” Kind of my way of giving back.

I’m a mom of two, a 2 1/2 year old daughter (E) and a 6 month old son (R). Right now I stay at home but I’m a licensed attorney. E has many food allergies so we all adjusted to her diet in addition to already being vegetarian. Much of what we eat would help someone on an elimination diet.

E says “oh mah deehness!” to mean “oh my goodness!” and it was available as a name. I figured it allows me to write a hodge podge of stuff at any rate.

I took some pictures of a soup this morning that I wanted to share with a friend so I think I will do a post with pictures and then do the recipe in another post to allow for easy printing.