Gluten Free Hemp Seed Wedding Cookie Recipe Photos

This recipe is a total keeper.  In fact, after getting over the sticker shock for a pound of hemp seeds and making my first batch of these I got onto amazon and ordered a giant five pound container of hemp seeds (amazon affiliate link).  We use Whole Foods’ powdered sugar because it is corn free as well as a corn free xanthan gum.  I must warn against doubling the recipe, every time I’ve done it the results aren’t as good as a normal sized batch.

The best compliment a recipe can get in our house is if my husband really likes it since he gets to eat “normal” food sometimes when he is at work.  These snowball cookies pass the test, the hemp seeds give them a buttery quality that we all really enjoy.


  1. Hi! This looks delicious…. I just have one question. Does xanthan gum usually contain corn? We’ve just started to eliminate corn due to a newly-diagnosed allergy, and I just can’t believe how many common items include corn in some form! I’ve actually been working on a recipe for blueberry cobbler, and tried a version tonight using xanthan gum, and boy do I have a stomach ache now :( I couldn’t figure out what the problem was until I just read your post…


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